Tony, Lin Wen-hung

Date 2014/10/16 3:30:00 | Topic: Research Institutes

Current position
Researcher / Taiwan Alliance for Advancement of Youth Rights and Welfare

Research Interests
Community Communication
Data-Driven Journalism
Media Literacy
Mass Media Influence on Youth

Tel: +886-2-23695195*12____CP: 0912988906

2007.06, B.A. in Communication,
     College of Indigenous Studies , National Dong-Hwa University
2011.01, M.C. in Communication,
     College of Communication, National Cheng-Chi University

2006.03 ~ 2007.06,
     Announcer of National Education Radio Hualien Station
2006.03 ~ 2007.06,
     Announcer of Voice of Han Broadcasting Network Hualien Station
2010.03 ~ 2011.11,
     Columnist of Muzik Magazine, Taiwan
2012.06 ~ 2014.01,
     Columnist of New Land Magazine, Australia

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