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Kuo Yi-chun
on 2010/8/23 15:44:19 (2160 reads)

Current position
Doctoral student of the department of Architecture,National Cheng Kung University

Research Interests

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Lee Shu-an
on 2010/8/23 15:30:00 (3465 reads)

Current position
Associate Professor
in the Department of Environmental Engineering and Science
of Feng Chia University, Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Research Interests
1.Indoor air quality
2.Investigate PPE performance against chemicals, and microorganisms
3.Exposure assessment to allergens, aerosols, bioaerosols, and chemicals
4.Evaluation of respirator performance
5.Evaluation and development of samplers for aerosol,
_bioaerosols and chemicals
6.Biological monitoring, particularly in establishing biomarkers for
_assessing exposure to chemicals, aerosols and bioaerosols
7.Exposure assessment and control of nanoparticles

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Lee Chuan-kai
on 2010/8/23 15:10:00 (4587 reads)

Current position
Assistant Professor,
Institute of Technology Management, College of Technology Management,
National Tsing Hua University

Research Interests
Industrial Cluster,
Science and Technology Policy,
Global Strategy

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Nick, Chen Nien-tsu
on 2010/8/23 14:50:00 (1611 reads)

Current position
Assistant Professor
Department of Interior Design
Tung-Fang Institute of Technology, Taiwan

Research Interests
Building Environmental Control
Sustainable building and interior design
Building Ventilation (Experiment and CFD solutions on natural and HVAC ventilation)
Diagnosis and improvement of indoor environmental quality
Computer-aided architectural and interior design

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Shao Wen-cheng
on 2010/8/22 8:05:31 (1799 reads)

Current position
Associate Professor of Department of Architecture,
National Taipei University of Technology

Research Interests
Intelligent Building
Building environment and its control
Green Building Materials
Indoor Air Quality

  0   Member ID : 32
Tseng Liang
on 2010/8/22 7:40:00 (1525 reads)

Current position
Director / Associate Professor
Department of Interior and Landscape Design / Department of Architecture
Feng Chia University, Taiwan

Research Interests
Green building and technology
Architecture Plan

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Roger, Luo Yang-ching
on 2010/8/22 6:20:00 (1498 reads)

Current position
General Education Center, Ching Yun University, Taiwan
*PhD candidate
Department of Life Science, National Central University, Taiwan

Research Interests
Measurement and reduction of greenhouse gas measures
Environmental Science and Microbial Ecology
The manufacture of biomass energy

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Wang Wen-an
on 2010/8/21 16:41:59 (1501 reads)

Current position
Assistant Professor of Department of Architecture, Tamkang University

Research Interests
*Building environment and its control
*Indoor Air Quality
*Green Building Evaluation

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Chen Tai-an
on 2010/8/21 16:30:00 (1637 reads)

Current position
*Adjunct Assistant Professor
_Center of General Education
_Taipei Medical University, Taiwan
*Adjunct Assistant Professor
_Center of General Education
_Chung-Hua University, Taiwan
*Song-Yu Industrial Co., Ltd., Taiwan / Supervisors
*Kaohsiung Metal Industrial Co., Ltd., Taiwan / Director

Research Interests
Structural Engineering
Discrete Element Analysis
Global environmental changes
Sustainable Development

  0   Member ID : 10
Li Chun-ju
on 2010/8/21 16:07:22 (1375 reads)

Current position
Associate Professor of Department of Tourism, Providence University

Research Interests
Policy Analysis, Tourism Resources Planning, Regional Planning

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TSSBE(iiSBE Taiwan) was founded on 2 June, 2007. Its objectives are to promote international communication of academic and practical activities related to sustainable building and symbiotic environment.... [more]
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