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on 2017/4/25 0:00:00 (3410 reads)

Current position
Director of iiSBE since 2008
Consultant of Taiwan Society of Sustainable Built Environment since 2007.
Secretary General of Archilife Research Foundation (Taiwan) since 1982.
General Manager of A & E Development Corp. since 1982.
President of Fullife Corporation.

Research Interests
Law, Marketing, and Management.

on 2016/10/5 21:10:00 (3421 reads)

Current position
Associate Professor
Department of Architecture
National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan

Research Interests
Numerical Simulation of Indoor Environment Quality
Building Heat and Moisture Environment Control
Building Acoustic and Vibration
Energy Saving Design and Estimation of Building Equipments
Applications and Evaluation of Sustainable Design

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Current position

Research Interests

on 2016/2/29 21:40:00 (4717 reads)

Current position
Director General,
Urban and Rural Development Department,
Pintung County Government

Research Interests
*Sustainable Building Environment Assessment System
*Rural community planning
*Ecological community empowering
*Residential Benefit of Sustainable Building
*Ecological Architecture Environment Planning and Design
*Building Physical Environment Control Design.

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Contact Info
Su Ching-hua, President
Li Yen-yi, Secretary General
TEL : +886-2-25683764
FAX : +886-2-25819435
E-mail : curator@iisbe-taiwan.org
Address :
2F-1, No.3, Alley 137,
Charng-Chuan Rd. Taipei,
Taiwan, R.O.C. 104
About Us
TSSBE(iiSBE Taiwan) was founded on 2 June, 2007. Its objectives are to promote international communication of academic and practical activities related to sustainable building and symbiotic environment.... [more]
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