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Judy, Huang Chin-ying
on 2017/4/25 0:00:00 (9475 reads)

Current position
Director of iiSBE since 2008
Consultant of Taiwan Society of Sustainable Built Environment since 2007.
Secretary General of Archilife Research Foundation (Taiwan) since 1982.
General Manager of A & E Development Corp. since 1982.
President of Fullife Corporation.

Research Interests
Law, Marketing, and Management.

  0   Member ID : 2
Tony, Lin Wen-hung
on 2014/10/16 3:30:00 (4930 reads)

Current position
Researcher / Taiwan Alliance for Advancement of Youth Rights and Welfare

Research Interests
Community Communication
Data-Driven Journalism
Media Literacy
Mass Media Influence on Youth

  0   Member ID : 57
Chien, Yung-Ho
on 2010/8/23 15:07:18 (3881 reads)

Current position
Lecturer, China University of Technology Department of Architecture
Technical Committee, Republic of China Elevator Association
Manager, Taiwan Architecture & Building Center (TABC)

Research Interests
Building physics, Environmental Control Systems,
Green Building, Building Energy Management
Project Management

  0   Member ID : 41
Elsa, Cheng Wei-ning
on 2010/8/22 16:00:00 (2944 reads)

Current position
*Assistant of Graduate Institute of Biomedical Material
and Engineering , Taipei Medical University
*Assistant of The Third Research Center, Archilife Research Foundation

Research Interests
Biomedical Material

  0   Member ID : 45
Tang Shu-chen
on 2010/8/22 6:40:00 (3026 reads)

Current position
Principal Investigator,
Funding Project for Research of Symbiosis, Archilife Research Foundation

Research Interests
Planting System of Symbiotic Ecological Environment
Vertical Planting System Research
Carbon Balance of Climate Change

  0   Member ID : 18
Lin Chun-shin
on 2010/8/21 16:40:32 (3309 reads)

Current position
Council Member, National Council for Sustainable Development, Executive Yuan
President, Archilife Research Foundation
President, A & E Development Corp.

Research Interests
Urban Design, Land Development, Environment issues.

  0   Member ID : 1

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Contact Info
Wang Wen-an, President
Li Yen-yi, Secretary General
TEL : +886-2-25683764
FAX : +886-2-25819435
E-mail : wangwenan@iisbe-taiwan.org
Address :
5F, No. 4, Sec. 1,
Chang'an E. Rd.,Taipei,
Taiwan, 10441
About Us
TSSBE(iiSBE Taiwan) was founded on 2 June, 2007. Its objectives are to promote international communication of academic and practical activities related to sustainable building and symbiotic environment.... [more]
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